"And hast thou slain the Jabberwock?
Come to my arms, my beamish boy!
O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!"
He chortled in his joy.

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And chortling joy shall be found, in the midst of Newtown kitsch. Cuckoo Callay was born of the minds of two mere mortals, with illusions of Grand Hospitality. A lifetime or more spent toiling at the whim of spectacular proprietors had left them with a desire to dust off their monocles and inspect the Sydney-side coffee shop and café offerings.

Not content with providing a location for die-hard coffee lovers, nor subsidising Sydney’s impressive café eateries, the Cuckoo kids wanted to bring a café which offered a myriad of perfection in both arenas. Thus, the Coffee Café is born. Ella brings to the mix her love of good food, Ibby compliments it with a penchant for amazing coffee, they stir it all together and tests the mix for impeccability.

A niche is not a niche without a nook in which to cache. And where could this new breed of Coffee Café have to live among a saturated strip of treasured café gems? The Heritage site of Newtown Station called out, ‘Come to my arms, my beamish boy’ and promised a glorious façade in which to house their dreams.

In so slaying the proverbial Jabberwock, we are releasing our dreams to you. So take a step inside our rabbit hole, and embrace old with new. Tantalise your tastebuds, and raise your voice to bray, ‘O frabjous day! Cuckoo! Callay!


The suppliers that we use are just as passionate about what they do as we are and we work closely with them to source the best local produce to create our seasonal menus. We think our coffee is top notch and our bar stocks quality boutique beers, ciders and wine. We use organic, Fairtrade and locally sourced products wherever we can.

Black Forest Smokehouse

Black Forest Smokehouse Black Forest Smokehouse are a local small meat goods supplier. They advocate Aussie pork and smoke their meat on premises in their warehouse in Marrickville, using the freshest herbs and spices and recipes passed down through four generations of butchers.

Vic’s Meats

Vic’s Meats Vic’s provide eateries in Australia with premium quality Australian meat. After opening in 1996 as a small butcher in Darlinghurst, Vic’s expanded in 1999 to become what is now Australia’s leading distributer of grass and grain fed beef among others.

De Novo foods

De Novo foods De Novo Foods are dedicated to sourcing the best meat products for our customer’s needs from producers whom we believe have a real understanding of quality and consistency

Australia on a Plate

Australia on a Plate AOAP work closely with small producers to bridge the gap between producers and consumers of speciality cheeses. They strive to nurture the product so as to deliver their local and imported cheeses in peak condition.

Newlay Farm Fresh Eggs

Suppling Sydney cafés with the freshest free range farm eggs which allows us to create perfect yolk porn with every poached egg we serve.

Fruit and Veg

We work with a local fruit and veg supplier who gets up at the crack of dawn every morning to scour the local fruit and veg markets and select only the very best of what is on offer. This allows us to use super fresh ingredients that are a staple in so many of our dishes, with beautiful natural colours that leap off the plate screaming ‘eat me’!

Coffee Alchemy

Coffee Alchemy Coffee Alchemy started many many moons ago growing up with grandma's coffee trees, helping her pick, process and roast... the obsession rekindled in later years by a domestic espresso machine, a grinder and the insatiable desire for fresh coffee. A small commercial roaster followed the growing list of acquisitions not to mention the growing hill of beans.

Chamellia Tea

Chamellia Tea Chamellia source their premium Organic tea from Ruhuna, Sri Lanka’s southwestern tea growing region and pride themselves on being involved every step of the way, from withering the tea leaves to oxidisation and drying. They keep everything organic, each local employee smiling, and the environment as Mother Nature intended.

Six Simple Machines

Six Simple Machines We can thank the inventors of the Juggler milk dispensing unit for helping us save 80% more plastic wastage than using milk bottles. It also regulates the temperature of the milk from fridge to cup, to produce a consistently excellent cup of coffee.


ProCal ProCal is one of the most modern fresh milk dairies in the world and uses milk direct from Aussie farmers, allowing them to quickly process and distribute for your morning coffee. You might as well drink it straight from the cows’ udder.

Ascella Wines

Ascella Wines Ascella is one of very few Australian Certified Organic wines. Their award winning Pure Blends not only taste fantastic, but care about the health of the environment by not using pesticides.

Feral Brewing Company

Feral Brewing Company The Feral Brewing Company is a proudly family owned and operated hand-crafted microbrewery situated in the heart of Perth’s premier food and wine tourism precinct – the Swan Valley. Over the past four years they have risen to become one of the most awarded breweries in Australia.

Young Henrys

Young Henrys Young Henrys is an eclectic group of passionate brewers and hospitality veterans who have united for the love and good of beer.